Having been in the business since 1837 we know the needs of Owners and Charterers and offer a complete Port Agency Service 24hrs, 365 days a year.

Communicating with our Principals is a priority and once a vessel is nominated to our care we will ensure close liaison with all parties.

No matter what it is that you may need Smith Imossi can assist. As Ships Agents, Cruise Liner Agents or as Protecting Agents, we are here 24 hours a day offering quick and efficient agency service round the clock.

Providing full  port agency, husbandry and protective agency services in Gibraltar, Algeciras & Ceuta (which are the main three ports in proximity to the straits of Gibraltar),  means vessel’s under our care enter and sail from port as quickly and if required organise last minute port call changes in  a smooth, safe and cost efficient manner.

We provide a complete service including:

Cruise Liners

Given Gibraltar’s location and being outside the EU Customs Union, we are a prime port for the cruising industry.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is well versed with all formalities and requirements pertaining to this sector.

Offport Limits

The ship is able to save time and money by remaining off shore instead of entering the port. Up to 12 crew members as well as stores and spares can be taken on board in any single operation, but a ship can be supplied by more than one vessel.
We can engage our service launch to carry out crew changes and to deliver stores, spare parts, mail, charts and other essential items while the ship is under way in a safe and cost efficient manner There are two specified off-limits’ areas which have been chosen to minimize interference with regular shipping traffic.

Zone A – 2 NM East of Europa Point
Zone B – 6.5 NM South-East of Europa Point

Service Launch Operators

The company operates a harbour craft work boat certified to carry 12 passengers and a load of 3 tons – for operations at Gibraltar anchorages as well as off-port limits for quick & safe transfers of crew, spares and stores.

General Particulars:

Port of RegistryLondon
LOA13.69 m
Beam4.115 m
Displacement18.837 T
MCA codedCAT 2 60 NM Brown code
HIABVessel is certified to load 3.5 tons and carry 12 passengers

This versatile work boat is used to transport crew, stores and spares to vessels either at anchorage and Off Port Limits.


Hull and Machinery repairs can be carried out alongside or at anchorage. Dry Docking is available up to panama size. Underwater cleaning/surveys are another important service to shipping that we can offer at Gibraltar.

Interested in the above services?

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